1 to 1 Coaching

Business development coaching for Barristers' Chambers.

Business coaching is an excellent way to accelerate your own development we help you get from GREAT to GREATER!

At PME we know that each development experience is personal. We are all different personalities with different learning styles, motivational drives, pressures and egos.

We will spot your strengths (that you have probably taken for granted) and by using coaching methods we will explore how you can use them to your advantage for growth.

Our clients use our coaching sessions in different ways and for various reasons. From building a chambers strategic growth plan to a client who once said “it’s just so nice to talk to somebody about my work who is not my wife”. All reasons are valid!

All coaching is conducted discreetly and totally confidential so please contact us to book your free of charge meeting to discuss if coaching is right for you.

Don and PME training provided one to one coaching for one of our most experienced clerks. I felt the clerk in question would get more out of this more targeted approach to knowledge development than they would from the more traditional group training style sessions. The sessions proved to be excellent. The clerk really enjoyed them and the improvements in an already excellent clerk have been significant.

Vince Plant Chambers DirectorDevereux Chambers