Strategic practice development programme for the Bar

Built by listening to Members of the Bar

Our aim, through using our unrivalled experience, is to help alleviate the stress and worry that naturally occurs when building a practice. We can motivate and encourage Members of the Bar, equipping them to build a successful practice.

This unique 4 step course is built to deliver maximum effect and content integrity.

By attending these courses we help you discover how to build more business and revenue by gaining:

Your own career strategy and the motivation to deliver it
Your own business development action plan
More tools to build better client relationships
Your client offer will be clear
Maximising networking opportunities and enjoying them

Stand Out in a Competitive Market

This course has been developed by working with barristers, Practice Managers and Chambers’ CEOs bringing you the direction and motivation needed to compete in the modern world. It will also assist you in helping your Practice Managers to promote your services more effectively.

You will benefit from:

Speed of delivery
Bespoke course content
Sensitivity to competitive pressures
Being relevant to all levels of call
Specific strategies and actions that can be applied immediately

A Comprehensive 4 Step Approach

Professional Strategy Planning

Concentrate on strategic direction, understand your market potential, measure and manage growth to career maturity. We will examine how to make positive change and keep you on track for success.

2 hour group session

Make a Plan

Professional Business Development

Examine your focus and what you offer as a unique ‘product’. Explore how to promote yourself and what you can do to look more attractive to future clients. You will be shown how to build a clear identity and each attendee will have an action plan on how to deliver clear messaging about your ‘offer’.

2 hour group session

Know how to Deliver

Professional Networking Skills

Improve your confidence in professional networking, cultivate business opportunities, raise your profile and increase referrals. We will discover techniques and proven methods of how to get the most out of networking, develop your personal attraction and find client events rewarding and fun.

2 hour group session

Unlock your Full Potential

Setting the Path

Conducted on a one to one basis in a confidential setting. Discuss the workshop elements and how they can be applied in your personal and professional strategy. We will address any issues and set an individual plan for business growth.

2 hour group session

Make it a Reality

Interested? Please contact Don Turner by emailing for a no-obligation & confidential meeting.

After a hectic day of work I had my reservations about going straight into a ‘Maximising Business Relationships’ workshop. However, my view had changed completely by the end of the session, and I continue to reap the benefits of this engaging and informative session, which has provided me with new approaches to many of the interpersonal situations that a Barrister can face in practice.J Santos, Barrister, 5RB