The business development programme for modern Practice Managers

A Comprehensive 6 Step Approach

Developing New and Existing Business

Explore business development techniques and how to make the most of opportunities. We discover how we can promote excellence in our clients’ experience in dealing with us.

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Maximising Business Relationships

Clarify how you can gain a better outcome in dealing with members, clients and colleagues. Dealing with difficult people will never be the same again!

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Effective Practice Development Meetings

Address the importance and structure of developing the careers of Members of Chambers. Delegates will learn how to manage expectations, identify personal motivation styles and set achievable goals.

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Discover practical solutions to enable you to get the best out of negotiations. Identify how to gain excellent results for Members of Chambers whilst maximising income and maintaining long-term collaboration with clients.

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Professional Networking Skills

Networking is a vital part of our business development progress. Gain new skills in getting your message across in a more articulate way, giving more confidence and gravitas at events.

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Managing People for Success

Examine and develop business coaching skills and how vital they are to the modern Practice Manager. For the management of staff and Members of Chambers you will discover how to get the best out of people and cultivate personal growth within your Chambers.

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All courses run from 11:00 to 17:00 at a Central London Chambers

Pricing: £1800 for the six module package. £385 for a single session booking, discounted to £335 for multiple delegates

I attended the ‘Maximising Business Relationships’ and ‘Excellence in Running Practice Review Meetings’ sessions. I was thoroughly impressed with the intellectual level of the content and felt that I took away practical solutions that I could implement going forward. Don is an excellent trainer and with Bill Conner on board, Don has an excellent grounding in the peculiarities of clerking.Katie Cromwell, Essex Court Chambers

Built by listening to Chambers

Our practice management training programme is where strategic thinking, innovation and cost effectiveness comes together to give you a bespoke solution for developing modern practice managers.
ABC Chambers Solutions, in association with PME training, are pleased to announce our 2018 programme of workshops designed to enhance the expertise, knowledge and skill sets that are essential for successful practice management in Chambers.
These popular interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity for Practice Managers and support staff, at all management levels, to obtain training specifically designed to be of maximum benefit for those working in Chambers. Past delegates are not only leaving great testimonials but also reporting that the training is being applied back in Chambers immediately with very positive outcomes.

Practical Solutions

The success of this programme can be attributed to it being specifically designed for Chambers’ support staff and built by an experienced management coach with invaluable input from experienced Senior Clerks and CEOs.

Attending these sessions will allow you to gain the following benefits:
Identify and perfect the key skills required for excellent modern practice management
Techniques for increasing revenue for Members of Chambers
Gain benefits from improved client relationships
A chance to interact with peers from comparable forward thinking sets
The new 2020 brochure will be here soon