The Chambers’ Practice Management Development Programme


Built by listening to Chambers

Our Practice Management Training programme has been built from detailed industry research and feedback from people working in Chambers’ Practice Management.

Starter Clerk

Clerking – off to a good start

“This is the stuff you don’t learn at school, college or university, but absolutely essential for your career progression.”

What will you gain from attending?

  • Help fast track your first few years in Chambers by gaining a broader view of the Chambers’ world. Find out why it is so
    unique, and what it expects of those people who work in this fascinating industry.
  • Equip yourself with new tools to work effectively and harmoniously with your team, Chambers members and cement your future as a Bar Clerk.

Courses for 2021

1: The Clerks’ role in the context of a barristers’ chambers
Dates: 21st September & 2nd November

2: The importance of excellent customer service and working effectively as a part of a team
Dates: 11th October & 22nd November

Running time: 12.00pm – 5.30pm
Location: Remote delivery – subject to change

Course Cost: £385 per session
£365 for multiple bookings
+ VAT, invoiced, 30 day terms

Junior Clerk

Building your career in Modern Practice Management

“You are in the game, now stand out from the crowd.”

What will you gain from attending?

  • Build on your understanding of what your members have to offer and how you can identify the points of difference to their competitors?
  • Enjoy, feel comfortable and excited about building a professional network.
  • Stand out from others and be different to your competitors by using professional collaborative negotiation techniques.
  • Understand the basics of selling professional services and lay the foundations of what will be expected from your future business development responsibilities.

Courses for 2021

1: Professional collaborative negotiation skills
Dates: 22nd September & 3rd November

2: Developing business for your Chambers
Dates: 18th October & 6th December

Running time: 12.00pm – 5.30pm
Location: Remote delivery – subject to change

Course Cost: £385 per session
£365 for multiple bookings
+ VAT, invoiced, 30 day terms


Professional Practice Development

“Put your skills to work and gain the maximum rewards for Chambers and yourself.”

What will you gain from attending?

  • Be able to conduct professional PDMs, demonstrating your business acumen and gain clarity with who is responsible for what, when developing members’ practices.
  • Develop your leadership skills by becoming a master of ‘softskills.’ Maximise your position with excellent rapport-building with clients, colleagues and members.
  • Have confidence in building and articulating a credible business development plan that you will be proud of.
  • Be confident in presenting your chambers in a unique way, articulating your competitive advantage and build credible sales arguments for clients.
  • Have the ability to build and run a credible appraisal system.

Courses for 2021

Part 1: Managing people for success

Dates: 23rd September & 4th November

Part 2: Effective practice development meetings

Dates: 5th October & 23rd November

Part 3: Maximising business relationships

Dates: 19th October & 25th November

Part 4: Building a business development plan for results

Dates: 8th November & 7th December

Running time: 12.00pm – 5.30pm

Location: Remote delivery – subject to change

Course Cost: £399 per session
£365 for multiple bookings
£1400 or block booking of all 4 modules
+ VAT, invoiced, 30 day terms

Senior Management

Strategic Business Development for Chambers Senior Management

“You have reached the top. Be motivated to lead your members, staff and drive strategic business results for chambers.”

What will you gain from attending?

  • Gain new tools and knowledge to lead people, staff and barristers alike.
  • Develop your skills in branding for business development and Bar recruitment.
  • Enhance your leadership skills.
  • Build on self-motivation to drive business for Chambers’ practice development.
  • Be able to segment your client base and build a business plan to provide rewarding business for chambers.
  • Build on your professional network by working with Courses for 2020 like-minded colleagues at your level.

Courses for 2021

Part 1: Business development for modern Chambers’ Management

Part 2: Managing the challenges of Chambers’ unique business structure

Dates: 10th & 11th November

Part 3: Professional mentoring and coaching

Dates: Please register your interest

Running time: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Location: Central London Chambers

Course Cost: £450 per session
+ VAT, invoiced, 30 day terms

Booking Details

These practical sessions will run with a limited number of delegates, so we can protect the integrity of the experience, and make the outcome as bespoke as possible to you.

These events are a professional networking opportunity, and a chance to work with likeminded professionals and build long term business relationships.

On booking your place you will be registered to attend and full joining instructions will be sent to you one week before the event.

Booking your place


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Professional Development Experts

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I have known Don Turner for a number of years and I was pleased to finally get the opportunity to formally work with him. I attended a two day training course designed for senior management. From start to finish I found the course to be extremely informative and thought provoking. It was refreshing and rewarding to sit around a table and share ideas and problems with colleagues from other chambers from around the country – I would go as far as to say it was cathartic! Don’s approach to business planning and strategic business development was spot on. I have taken away a number of ideas and applied these into my daily working life. There are numerous trainers out there, but Don has really taken the time to understand the nuances of the Bar, clerking and chambers life generally. As a result, he is able to tailor his training to all levels: barristers, clerks, senior management and administrative staff. There is something for everyone and I can’t recommend him enough.

Joe Wilson

Chambers Director, St Philips Chambers