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Industry leading training & personal development solutions for Barristers’ Chambers

Our bespoke courses have been developed specifically for people working, at all levels, in Barristers’ Chambers, by an experienced management coach with invaluable input from Barristers’, Senior Clerks and CEO’s in order to be of maximum value and relevance to delegates.

The objectives of the programmes are to identify the key skills required for excellent practice management, to improve internal and client relationships, to help increase revenue from existing and new clients and enable delegates to interact and network with like-minded individuals

Individual Personal Development for Chambers Practice Managers

Our one-to-one personal development programme is designed to give practical support for busy Practice Managers. If you can’t attend our training courses, or you prefer a more individual approach, we work with you at your own pace.

Individual coaching for Members of the Bar

Our one-to-one practice development coaching programme is designed to motivate and encourage Members of the Bar. We can help alleviate the stress and worry that naturally occurs whilst being self-employed, and building your own practice. We help facilitate change and give you the confidence to cope and succeed.

Personal Development Training for Members of the Bar

We support you with the ability to offer your members, relevant, robust and targeted encouragement for the sustainable growth of their practice.

Bespoke Development

It could be the difference between mediocrity or excellence! Why invest in modern-day management training?

Return on Investment for Chambers

There are plenty of good reasons to invest in training for chambers’ staff. But many feel that it’s expensive and some chambers’ management do not see the value in staff development. We have built a tool for you, to help you calculate the return you can give to your members. Please take a look, put in YOUR NUMBERS, and see what return you can give your chambers.

Articles and Videos

I was so scared of my own personal development

“I CANNOT FAIL” … were the words I said to the woman who was about to take me on a one-year journey to qualify to become a professional trainer (CIPD).  Why did I say that? Was it because I wanted to be the best? Actually no.  The reason I said it was because I was...

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Networking Karma?

What is the most famous book, that is hardly ever read? I often ask my delegates during training sessions, “Who has heard of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Not surprising almost every hand goes up in the room, and why not it is a very famous...

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Thanks Don, all 3 courses so far have been incredibly useful! The training has given me a whole new way of thinking. I would certainly recommend the sessions to anyone lookin… Read more
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