In-house Training

Why choose in-house training over attending an open course?

In-house bespoke training is often the most appropriate and cost-effective way to develop your staff or members of chambers.

PME offers a range of solutions to help you with your development needs.  We can tailor our courses to answer specific requirements or build something completely new.

Tailored Content

In-house training allows you to customise the content according to the specific needs and requirements of your chambers. You can focus on industry-specific issues, chambers policies, and real-world scenarios that are directly relevant to your practice managers.


In-house training can be more cost-effective when you have several employees who need the same training. The cost per participant is usually lower than sending each employee to an external open course.

Relevance to your Chambers

In-house training programmes can be aligned more closely with your organisational goals, ensuring that the skills and knowledge acquired by employees directly contribute to the success of chambers.


In-house training allows for more flexibility in scheduling. You can choose the timing that best suits your employees and chambers without being constrained by fixed external course schedules.


In-house training fosters a sense of teamwork and cohesion among employees as they learn together in a familiar environment. It provides an opportunity for team-building and collaboration.

While in-house training has these benefits, it’s important to note that open courses also have their advantages, such as exposure to alternative perspectives and networking opportunities.

How can we work with your chambers?

  • All of our open courses – Clerks
  • Presentation training – Members of the Bar
  • Mentoring training – Members and Clerks
  • Bespoke staff management – Members and Clerks
  • Appraisal training – Members and Clerks
  • Chambers away days – Clerks