Getting the best out of your chambers practice team

For chambers to grow, it helps to have a defined business development plan in place.  What is often overlooked in organisations is how to get there, using the talents of your staff  to achieve your strategic goals.

It’s a bit like baking a cake.  You know you have some ingredients and you have a picture of the end result but the outcome is a bit ‘hit and miss’ if you don’t read the methodology.  Often in business, the methodology is left up to personal interpretation which can vary depending on peoples own personal motivations.

Making sure that there is absolute clarity on which roles people play in the organisation and their effect on the chambers strategic plan, is an important part of gaining understanding and success.  The key to this is good performance management and through clear job descriptions and regular appraisals.  This is an opportunity to set personal strategic targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that helps keep everybody on track.

Performance management of staff is not always easy, so it’s important that a good performance management system, tailored to chambers unique culture, is seen as supportive rather than suppressive.  It can be a great way of optimising performance, motivating staff and ensuring clarity in the part they play in the overall chambers strategy.

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