Individual Personal Development for Chambers Practice Managers.

Built by listening to you

Our one-to-one personal development programme is designed to give practical support for busy Practice Managers. If you can’t attend our training courses, or you prefer a more individual approach, we work with you at your own pace.

Support to deliver your business goals

This unique one-to-one Personal Development programme is built to provide maximum support and deliver the best results, with confidentiality and integrity.
By engaging in our programme we help you discover how to improve the practice team and Chambers revenue by gaining:
Enhanced and effective practice review meetings
A business development action plan
Rapport building tools for clients, members and staff
Identification of your own leadership style
Clarity of any obstacles and how to overcome them to gain success
Increased confidence in managing your practice team for high performance

Don’t leave your own success to chance

Modern business leaders, including many in the legal profession, are increasingly using coaches to assist them with direction in achieving their goals. Our programme will help you build an objective platform from which to set and reach your own targets. By using our one-to-one coaching programme, you will be investing in giving yourself the best possible chance for long-term success.
This is a bespoke programme, tailored to your needs. You will enjoy:
Personal and unique one-to-one development
Confidential and objective sessions
A location of your choice, at the pace you feel comfortable with
Flexibility in times to suit your work pressures

A unique blend of training and coaching

What to expect from your business development coach:

Even if we know what we want, we often fail to reach our goals. This can be due to a lack of clarity of these goals, a lack of focus, time and other resources needed, or the structure required to acilitate change. Your Practice Coach will assist you with setting your own personal goals. Using business development exercises, they will help you form, implement and manage a development plan that fits with your own personal and professional profile.

The programme:

We use a unique blend of training and coaching techniques to deliver maximum impact and value. We will come to you at your place of choosing and conduct a series of one-to-one 2 – 3 hour sessions. The following packaged options are available:

Bespoke development

We will consult with you and give very specific support in areas where your personal or professional development is needed. You may already be very successful in your Chambers, but want to develop your direction and confidence in identifying and reaching new goals.
£490 per session

Business development for Chambers

During these sessions, we will take you through various exercises to clarify what you are trying to achieve and the steps needed to ensure success. We will examine how you can eliminate conflict, manage your teams to attract new clients and develop more business for members of Chambers.
6 sessions £2850

Business development for Chambers and delivering change

This full programme delivers previous sessions, embedding change and direction. You will receive very detailed and specific support to assist you in reaching your own personal and business goals. We will identify any development needs enabling you to overcome personal or business obstacles, giving you a better chance of success.
12 sessions £5400

Interested? Please contact Don Turner by emailing [email protected] for a no-obligation & confidential meeting.

I found working with PME has really helped my motivation in coping with a fast changing business world. I now have a clear vision of how I can manage my staff to get better business results for Chambers and run much improved practice review meetings.