The Everything DiSC® Suite

The Everything DiSC Suite of products you can access for your chambers.

The Everything DiSC® Application Suite is only available to organisations through their worldwide network of consultants, trainers, and coaches. We are proud to be an Everything DiSC authorised facilitator. We can work with you to gain access to their proven suite of learning applications, customisable training and one-to-one development solutions.


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The Everything DiSC Applications

Workplace Learning Experience

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile provides participants with valuable insights that unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration. In this personalised, 20-page profile, participants will explore the priorities that drive their behaviour, learn what comes naturally and what might be challenging when interacting with others, and gain actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace.

Management Learning Experience

The Everything DiSC Management Profile offers participants insight into their strengths and challenges as managers, and how to adapt their style to meet the needs of the people they manage—making them more effective managers. In this 27-page profile, participants will:

  • Discover their DiSC management style
  • Explore strategies for effective directing and delegating
  • Learn to create motivating environments
  • Deepen their ability to develop others based on each individual’s potential
  • Improve their working relationship with their own manager

Business development training for chambers

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile helps participants better understand themselves, their clients, and their relationships. In this 23-page profile, participants explore their own sales style and how their strengths and challenges influence their selling behaviours. They’ll also learn to recognise the behaviours unique to each buying style and gain strategies to adapt their sales style to meet the needs of their customers, improving their effectiveness and success.

Conflict management and handling difficult issues.

The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile helps participants improve self-awareness around conflict behaviours. In this 22-page profile, participants will explore the destructive and productive conflict behaviours of each DiSC® style, learn how to manage their responses to conflict situations, and gain personalised communication strategies when engaging in productive conflict with colleagues.

For senior management and leaders of chambers

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile provides detailed, context-specific feedback based on the vision, alignment, and execution framework and the three drivers associated with each step. In this 23-page profile, participants will receive personalised strategies for:

  • Crafting a Vision through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions
  • Building Alignment through clarity, dialog, and inspiration
  • Championing Execution through momentum, structure, and feedback

DiSC 363 appraisal for leaders of chambers

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile is a 22-page report that helps participants deepen their understanding of their own leadership style based on their DiSC style. Participants learn the eight approaches to effective leadership while examining how colleagues perceive their performance against these approaches. Participants discover their greatest strengths as a leader and receive in-depth information and concrete strategies for improving three challenge areas determined by their feedback.

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